Premise:   What is an alien implant drove you to kill? 

Eric is a 18 year old college student, who is very popular amongst his peers and is in a long term relationship with his girlfriend Jane. They attend a party together and with a group of friend.  After Eric goes out for a cigarette he disappears for several hours (time passing shown as a montage of clips of blurred faces and flashing lights) and when he returns he is disorientated and confused. His mood is altered and he appears to be acting strangely and walks as if he doesn’t have full control of his legs. Sweat breaks out on his forehead, despite it being very chilly outside.

He returns back to the party and gets a drink, to be met by his girlfriend. She offers him a shot, which he downs in one but he is disgusted by the taste of the strong alcohol. Jane mocks him, calling him a wimp etc, usually shots don’t bother Eric.  Jane whispers something into his ear and then grabs his hand, leading him up the staircase into the nearest empty bedroom.  She seduces him and they make love. During which there is a close up on her kissing his neck, implant throbbing with light can be seen. He makes deep scratches in her arm and back, then grabs her neck, tightening her grip and this leads to him asphyxiating her.

Eric is horrified with what he has done, he flees from the scene of the crime leaving Jane’s lifeless body on the bed, semi-nude. Mark, Eric’s good friend bumps into him and is concerned and asks if he is alright, he’s looking as if he’s had a bit too much to drink. Offers to give him a lift home because he’s sober. Eric says nothing but just runs down the road. Mark is baffled by Eric’s weird behaviour.


Eric walks into college head down, looking at the floor. He walks into the secluded hallway Mark taps him on the shoulder and asks him if he’s recovered from the party. The implant pulsates on his neck. His fists clench, tightly and he uses his other hand to hold it from hitting him, as if he’s straining to stop himself. His efforts end in failure and he punches Mark in the nose. Mark falls to the ground and Eric kicks his torso. Behind the goings-on a girl, including Eric breaking Mark’s neck, Sarah can be seen. She is horrified, gasps and walks off. Eric has caught a glimpse of her running off, down the corridor. 

Eric runs to the toilet, to splash water on his face, shaking from the horror of what he has done to his girlfriend and his good friend. He then splashes water on his neck to cool him down, as he does so he feels a raised bar and he then tries to get a good look at what it is.


Eric is seen disorientated in the field, blurred faces that aren’t quite human and lights.

Back to college


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