Video Editing Masterclass

To begin with log onto edit share and create a folder.

  • Complete your offline edit on Premiere Pro
  • Export as an EDL file (Edit Decision List)
  • Give it a title
  • Choose the folder you created as ‘Where you want to save it’
  • Open Avid EDL Manager – it will tell you exactly what you put into the edit.
  • (Need a plugin that will read the EDL and then automatically import the edit to AVID)


Avid has a great title tools, allowing you to make 2D or 3D titles.

  • ‘New Title’
  • ‘Title Tool’
  • Choose either a crawling title or a rolling title.
  • You can choose the font
  • or a Drop shadow
  • Save it to your ready named Bin


  • ‘New Title’
  • Marquee
  • You can make it 3D
  • or add lighting which can then be Key Framed.

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