CV Writing

We had a session with Mr Brasier in which he taught us that there are a number of simple mistakes that people make when writing their cv and they can have an escalating effecting. These problems are usually thanks to a lack of attention to detail.


Here are some examples of mistakes people make…

  1. Writing something that allows people to make assumptions that aren’t true.
  2. Having an inappropriate email address
  3. Including too much information (don’t put your D.O.B)
  4. Claiming to be ……….. but not demonstrating it.
  5. Putting you’re ‘a team player’ and ‘enthusiastic’ – it’s too cliché.
  6. Putting you ‘can use word’ – it is taught in schools and is expected of you!

Quality of the Document: 

  • K  .   I  .  S  .  S .  – Keep it simple, stupid – use a simple font that is effective and concise.
  • Print your CV out on good paper.

Other Tips: 

  • Don’t draw attention to negative words.
  • Write things like ‘ I have been keep to gain experience in this area for a long time and I am willing to work hard to achieve this goal.’
  • Remember: any experience you have had is good experience.
  • Remember when to describe for role in previous jobs and a time frame.
  • Sort out your references – ask person first.
  • Don’t give them a reason not to interview you.
  • Clean up your online presence – FB / Twitter.
  • Check spelling and grammar – huge turn off for employers.
  • Modify your CV for each job.
  • Use ‘grave under pressure’ instead of people skills.
  • Say you will ‘take opportunities no matter how small’

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