Hopes and Dreams Project

The finished project.

First Evaluation: http://www.webdoc.com/documents/C4F78B56-B190-0001-F7C8-1DD01530E190

Pre-Production: http://www.webdoc.com/documents/C4F60E80-F520-0001-67C8-18B3E7AD2CF0

Today I came home to find the suitcase I ordered from eBay had arrived. It is exactly how I pictured it and now it has arrived it means I can make a start on the production of my ‘Hopes and Dreams’ film. I cannot wait!

Which Items will be put into the suitcase in the film? 

  • Photo album (Representing the past)
  • Dvd (Representing my inspiration)
  • BOA T-shirt / hoodie (Representing my present)
  • Graduation cap (Representing my future) 
  • Travel Trinkets (Representing my desire to travel)

What is the unique selling point of the film? That my film is based on the preparation for the future and looking at getting to where I want to be in regards to my future career as a journey. 

Who is my target audience? I hope that my film will appeal to 16-35 year olds. 

Which locations am I planning to use?

  • My Bedroom – where the packing will take place
  • On the sofa in my living room – DVD viewing
  • BOA – to show my present – preferably in tv studio and classroom (also in canteen or with friends)
  • At desk, studying (future at uni)
  • Train station? Bus Stop? – somewhere to represent travel.

What will the tone of the film be?I am aiming to create a light hearted film, which hopefully leaves the viewer feeling elated. 

Who will be in the film?For the majority of the film it will feature just myself, however for the clips filmed at BOA, in the TV studio/Classroom, I hope to show some of the other broadcast students with me in Photographs

The narrative:


Middle: The suitcase being packed, struggle with some large objects perhaps? – adding an element of humour here?

End: Shot of me Running with the packed suitcase in hand (Representing both the journey and that i’ll have to start off as a runner)


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