The whole world seems to have gone crazy,  everybody is talking about the 30 minute viral video aiming to bring War Criminal Joseph Kony into the public eye and stop his brutal tactics

The video carries a powerful message about redefining the propaganda we hear and see daily. It also gave me some hope, that as a filmmaker it is possible to reach a HUGE audience and shape our future. The film’s director and narrator, Jason Russell understands the power social media has when it comes to the distribution of material. In the video he talks about the 750 million people on the web sharing ideas over Facebook and other social media sites. It can be easy to forget what a powerful tool social networking really is and the great things that can be done through it. <>

Another thing the film has helped me realise is that we need news we can rely on and television/ digital programmes that help shape us as human beings, our television screens are overpowered by reality television and dramas. It would be nicer to have more worldwide news rather than just current affairs focussing on our own countries. I am sure I am not the only person with this view…

I’m going to finish this post using a quote from the Stop Kony Video,

‘Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come’


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