Production Update..

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been preoccupied with University applications, open days and interviews as well as the BFI Film Academy WM but now that that’s all coming to an end I will be devoting my time to production and blogging. BOA TV have been very busy as of late. We have been working on a few exciting projects which are now coming close to completion.

During the half term, we went to the 2013 BVExpo in London to take a look at some of the newest software and technology. It was a great opportunity to network with industry professionals and get some advice about kit and upcoming post-production packages. We filmed snippets of our visit to the expo and will be piecing it together soon.

A lot has changed in regards to my final major project; I am no longer producing a video for BRIC-ITT due to unforeseen circumstances. Instead I am working on a promotional video for BOA’s Eastside neighbour, Millenium Point. Having to totally rework my original plan was easier than expected and we had a shot list was complete within 2 days. We have also filmed the initial interview with Philip Singleton, CEO of the Millenium Point Trust.  We plan to use this interview as the audio base for our video and punctuate it with a narrative voice over. Today was the first day shooting at Millenium Point and the surrounding area of Eastside. The internal shots were far easier to capture than the external ones because of the severe weather conditions. The strong winds made it hard to control camera shake as we were using a shoulder mount and a fig rig but we took whatever shots we could to use as placeholders for the time being. Tomorrow we will correct these shots by using a tripod and keeping our fingers crossed for a brighter day with no snow. We will also try to get some of the Year Ten students to use the Science Park because we were not able to film minor members of the public due to consent issues. The project is running smoothly so far and we will turn over a 6 minute edit  as well as a shorter one for the Imagine BOA YouTube channel.

The Library of Birmingham promotional video is also in the works right now. We have just one interview left to record and a couple of pick up shots from the inside of the new building. The edit has been more challenging than usual as I have been learning to edit using Avid rather than what I usually use, Adobe Premiere Pro. It is an entirely different process but finding my way around the new software has been all the more rewarding. Tomorrow we have a meeting to show the edit so far to the client, just to make sure everything is in keeping with their vision.

These are the projects we are currently working on but we have a few lined up. For the latest updates of BOA TV’s work check out our Facebook page.

To see our productions check out the Imagine BOA channel



M&S: Challenging Prejudice this Christmas

This christmas, Marks & Spencer will be making history. The brand will be the first major high street brand in the UK to feature a model with a learning disability. Seb White, is a 4 year old boy with Down’s syndrome whose mother posted his picture on M&S’s Facebook page to make retailers rethink which models are used to sell children’s clothes. After an overwhelming response to the post, Seb will feature in this season’s catalogue and in the TV ad. I think it’s a great step towards breaking down some of the prejudice surrounding disability.

The TV advert will be shown for the first time on ITV1 on Wednesday.

The Only Way is Birmingham…

The truth has been revealed regarding the Brummie spin off reality television show. There will not be an ‘Only Way is Birmingham’ series hitting our TV screens any time soon, it was simply a rather intricate publicity stunt to launch South & City College Birmingham.

They certainly succeeding in getting people to talk about the newly teamed up colleges. Billboards, busses, social media websites and even radio advertisements have been used to capture the attention of people around the country.

Surely the college should be applauded for employing such innovative techniques to make people aware of them but I for one am relieved that is no such show because the production quality of the show’s 11 second trailer was genuinely appalling. If there would have been a reality show about Birmingham made to a similar standard it would have been an embarrassment to everybody from the area. Being a broadcast student, I knew right away there was something fishy about the rumours, seeing as it was not being made by the same production company as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ they would not have been able to use the same name because of legal reasons. Also due to the poor quality of the production it would not have been able to meet broadcasting standards…

The Skittles Touch…

This Skittles advert is a clever play on the story of the Midas Touch. The original slogan was ‘Taste the rainbow’ but they’ve incorporated one of the other senses too. In the conventional story everything the man touches turns to gold, whether that be a human or a inanimate object. For the advert, instead of gold everything turns to skittles. This comes with the implication that Skittles are as good as gold but it also provides an element of humour.  It’s an unusual concept for an advert which makes it memorable and would make people talk, if people talk the advertisement agency are doing their job because they want people to want to eat Skittles and make everybody remember about the sweets.

 Taking the concept for the television ad a step further, Skittles also released a series of semi-interactive viral adverts. Engaging the viewer getting them to place their index finger in a certain spot, to become part of various stories by literally touching the rainbow. I think adverts like this mark the beginning of the end for traditional advertising. It’s bizarre videos like this that get people talking about their products, get people sharing the videos via social networks with their friends and also generally entertain audiences.  The viral vids are obviously reaching a vast audience with the video of the kitty licking about reaching nearly 6 million views! This particular viral campaign was produced by Canadian agency BBDO.

Mirror Mirror on the Web…

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/388452/1619282&tbid=413829&p=4484&height=402&width=560]

The innovative new advert for the Snow White Revamp has cleverly used social networking to bring the Brothers Grimm fairytale into the 21st century. Instead of asking the Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all,  The Evil Queen, played by Julia Roberts, asks the search engine cleverly named ‘Mirror Mirror’… This is not the official trailer that will be shown in cinemas but part of a viral promotional campaign for the film. I thought it was worth sharing because I found it quite humorous and I’m really looking forward to the film’s release later this month.

Mirror Mirror is out in cinemas on March 30th