Documentary Diary: No Impact Man

Seeing as, making documentaries is something I’m really interested in doing in the future, I thought I should probably start to write about the documentaries I watch, what I enjoyed about them, or what I disliked about .

My first Documentary Diary post will be on ‘No Impact Man’. The concept is very simple, a family from Manhattan embark on a year long project to entirely eradicate their carbon footprint and make everything they do eco-friendly.  They would do this by following steps each leading them to a ‘greener’ lifestyle.  The Beavan family go further than just putting a recycling bin out. They cycle instead of travelling in their car. They don’t use carrier bags for their shopping, in fact they don’t buy anything unnecessary at all, only local whole foods with no packaging. What really blew me away was when they stopped using electricity, meaning they couldn’t use their fridge, or their lights and could only use their laptops using energy from a single solar panel on the roof.

Now, obviously, when Colin Beavan came up with the concept for the film and book, he wasn’t expecting everyone to watch to abandon their modern ways of life and resort to a 100% eco-friendly way of living, something he does stress this throughout the film, he just wanted people to realise that each person, each household, had a huge impact on the environment and it’s little changes that can help end the environmental crisis. An important message that was showcased in a really honest and heartfelt manner.