David Bowie has happened.

davie-bowie‘David Bowie is: Happening Now was a cinema spectacle unlike anything I have seen before. Bowie horded everything he collected over the course of his career and over 300 of these items were featured in the sell out retrospective exhibition at the V&A. The exhibition closed on Sunday but before the archive travels across the globe there was one last chance for fans to get their Bowie fix. On 13th August, Broadway Plaza Odeon showed streaming from the live event at London’s V&A Museum.

It was a perfectly constructed piece of cinematic joy, including live footage hosted by curators Vicky Broackes and Geoff Marsh, exclusive archive images and prerecorded segments to tell the stories behind items including Bowie’s instruments, sketches, handwritten lyrics and costumes. How he influenced pop culture was a key point of the film, Paul Robertson’s ‘Periodic Table of Bowie’ which is shown in the final room of the exhibition is the perfect encapsulation of this. Individuals who have worked with or have been inspired by David Bowie were interviewed throughout the course of the film to illustrate how Bowie is without doubt one of the most influential performers of all time. Having never been to a ‘live cinema event’ before I was surprised how emotive and engaging the experience turned out to be. Living in a society where socializing via Skype or Face Time has become a day to day normality it wasn’t difficult to feel as if you were part of the event yourself. The only disappointment for me was that Bowie did not appear in the film himself, but in terms of having an insight to his life and career the experience was like no other.



Shoreditch Fashion Show

On 27th April, Offbeat and Made in Shoreditch magazine took over the Hoxton Docks for ‘The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013′. The industrial warehouse space was transformed with unique illustrations, projections and installations on every wall of the venue producing the perfect ambience to host a festival encompassing an array of creative outlets.

The Shoreditch Fashion show 2013 was about more than just innovative fashion; it was a celebration of  live music, art and the work done by some of Britain’s best young designers. Each of the 10 independent designers showcased at the event were selected by a panel of judges (including Eliza Doolittle, Mischa Barton and Oliver Proudlock from Made in Chelsea).

Peyote provided the live soundtrack for majority of the catwalk show, their seductive rock’n’ roll sound was the perfect accompaniment to the models as they strutted their stuff across the stage. The four-some, originally from Bath, are definitely a band to watch out for. Check out their video for ‘Dirty Little Mind Games’.

Bands including an old favourite of mine, Deaf Havana and a new favourite The Thirst also graced the stage. The Thirsts’s performance really stood out with their electric groove sound and impeccable cover of the incredibly popular new Daft Punk track ‘Get Lucky’.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 17.54.52Rufio Summers and James Craise, who headlined the last Made in Shoreditch Issue launch also played once again. Rufio captivated audiences with his soulful allure as he brought a modern twist to Blues and James Craise seemed to bare all of his emotions as he performed his originals and an awesome acoustic cover of Jessie Ware’s Night Light. 

The event was an incredible success, paving the way for future events of this calibre in Shoreditch.

Since my last post, I have been tremendously busy working on content for BOA Broadcast’s first magazine show, ‘Friday @ Two’.

After finishing off ‘Sack Sales on New Street’, I filmed a cooking show with Jake. We tried to steer away from the usual presenter led programmes and concentrate more on the visuals. I am really proud of the finished product so please, check it out!

The final VT I worked on was a feature on the Clothes show. With our press passes we were able to get into restricted areas and get interviews with designers, organisers and models. For me, the highlight of the experience was having to fight our way to the front of the press pit at the end of the fashion theatre catwalk.

Here’s the final product…

The filming of ‘Friday @ Two’ went smoothly. It was a very collaborative effort, we chose two students from the acting pathway to present after the auditions and they were absolutely fabulous. The rest of the crew worked well together and despite a few hiccups along the way, I think we pulled through it.

I am looking forward to working on the next episode of ‘Friday @ Two’ and using everything we learnt to make February’s show even better than our Christmas special.

Suzanne Virdee comes to BOA

We had Midlands Today’s Suzanne Virdee come in to BOA today to talk to us about Presenting and Journalism.  She spoke about how she went on to become a newsreader for the BBC. She decided to go the university-free route and worked for the Solihull Times after she completed her A-levels, she then switched to TV journalism when she worked for Central News. She stressed that it was exceedingly difficult to walk into a presenting job and that you have to work your way up from working as a researcher or runner.

Suzanne has had her fingers in many pies and she even tried her hand as a producing. Suzanne said that it helped her understand what goes into the more technical side of the productions. Since I am interested in journalism alongside production, it was great to speak to Suzanne after her presentation. She gave me some advice about interview techniques and overcoming nerves, to summarise she says as long as you do your research and listen to what the interviewee says your interview should be fine. The nerves never go away because it is always possible things may go wrong with live broadcasting but the key is to know what you are wanting to get from the interview, let your genuine interest in people shine through and keep focused. It has inspired me to look into written journalism in the future.

Progress Post: Telepresence

Things are looking up, we have already cast and done the majority of the paperwork for our short film. All that is left to do is make the final script revisions and get them out to the actors to familiarise themselves with their roles.

The audition process was something new to us all however we were happy with the turn out and some very talented people applied to be part of the production. After the auditions we were able to slightly adjust the characters because we were able to visualise them better after putting a face to the name.

The final cast and the Kristal Vision letters giving the actors the news.

The story went through several re-writes to make it tighter and easier to understand  in a short period of time. The initial underlying message dissolved somewhat because it’s quite a large topic to explore in just 10 minutes but I am happy with the final result.

The first story board..

Now we just have to prepare for next week’s shoots.