Sack Sales on New Street: Vintage Fashion

Here it is, the finished VT for our Christmas Magazine Show, ‘Friday @ 2’. It will be used to accompany a live fashion piece, creating an outfit from  the vintage items purchased on the day.

Check it out: 

Director – Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton
Producer – Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton
Featuring – Lucy Jane, George Bartlett and Gary Poole
Camera Operator – Jake Barrett
Editor – Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton

Music – ‘Six Sticks’ by Halloween

With Thanks to Sack Sales on New Street and Gary Poole


Production Update: Sack Sales

Production has begun on BOA TV’s Christmas Magazine Show. We will be making a half hour show focusing on a range of topics including subjects like poverty and how those less fortunate spend the festive season aswell as more light hearted issues such as how to survive Christmas on a tight budget.

Yesterday the crew went into central Birmingham’s ‘Sack Sales on New Street’ to film a VT about vintage, affordable fashion. The store is great, allowing you to fill half a large bag with clothes for £5 or a full bag for £10. Two of the crew browsed through the clothes piles in the search for some vintage gems whilst we followed them with a camera we even managed to grab an interview with the shop’s manager.

Here’s a preview of what is to come….

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M&S: Challenging Prejudice this Christmas

This christmas, Marks & Spencer will be making history. The brand will be the first major high street brand in the UK to feature a model with a learning disability. Seb White, is a 4 year old boy with Down’s syndrome whose mother posted his picture on M&S’s Facebook page to make retailers rethink which models are used to sell children’s clothes. After an overwhelming response to the post, Seb will feature in this season’s catalogue and in the TV ad. I think it’s a great step towards breaking down some of the prejudice surrounding disability.

The TV advert will be shown for the first time on ITV1 on Wednesday.

Suzanne Virdee comes to BOA

We had Midlands Today’s Suzanne Virdee come in to BOA today to talk to us about Presenting and Journalism.  She spoke about how she went on to become a newsreader for the BBC. She decided to go the university-free route and worked for the Solihull Times after she completed her A-levels, she then switched to TV journalism when she worked for Central News. She stressed that it was exceedingly difficult to walk into a presenting job and that you have to work your way up from working as a researcher or runner.

Suzanne has had her fingers in many pies and she even tried her hand as a producing. Suzanne said that it helped her understand what goes into the more technical side of the productions. Since I am interested in journalism alongside production, it was great to speak to Suzanne after her presentation. She gave me some advice about interview techniques and overcoming nerves, to summarise she says as long as you do your research and listen to what the interviewee says your interview should be fine. The nerves never go away because it is always possible things may go wrong with live broadcasting but the key is to know what you are wanting to get from the interview, let your genuine interest in people shine through and keep focused. It has inspired me to look into written journalism in the future.

‘The Valleys’

 I’m not going to beat around the bush, MTV’s reality shows have really reached an all time low. The channel’s latest addition is ‘The Valleys’, the Welsh version of ‘Geordie Shore’. Now admittedly, the genre isn’t really targeted at an intellectual audience and nudity in similar shows is generally to be expected, however ‘The Valleys’ had people stripped down to their boxers in the first 5-10 minutes and a particularly classy lady was flashing within the first half an hour of the show. I honestly couldn’t believe what I was witnessing.

The MTV producers obviously realised sex was what made people want to watch their other UK show so much. So they took away every endearing quality of the show, brought it to Wales and found a fame hungry Welsh cast to create a dodgy doppelganger.

As a Broadcast Student, I am interested to see if MTV’s rehashed idea will be as successful as the UK original however I don’t think I will be able to subject myself to a whole season of this over the top rubbish. 

‘Now is Good’

Ladies if you are going to watch this film, please remember to wear waterproof mascara because you are going to cry. There literally wasn’t a dry eye in the room, the film seemed to be punctuated with the loud sniffling noises of the man behind me tearing up throughout the film.  ‘Now is Good’ isn’t afraid to pull on your heartstrings and even if it was unashamedly cliche in parts, it managed to move every member of the audience in some way.

The film delves into the action straight away with Tessa, the film’s dying protagonist, and her best friend and partner in crime, Zoey, meeting some boys. We don’t know that Tessa is ill until the boy she is with pulls off her wig and her pixie short hair is exposed. After their encounter came one of my favourite parts of the film which was the title sequence. It was all hand-drawn and processed in 3d using after effects. It was visually stimulating and perfectly paired with an edgy remix of Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans, there was no way I wasn’t going to love it! A refreshing change from the typical dry credit sequences.

Dakota Fanning’s performance as Tessa was good, I was impressed that she was able to maintain a very convincing British accent throughout. The onscreen father and daughter relationship was heart wrenching as Paddy Considine’s character was constantly searching for a way to cure his daughter.

Although Tessa’s bucket list was toned down for the 12A audience we are still able to feel that Tessa is coming of age before it is too late. She gets arrested, takes drugs, goes skinny dipping and most importantly in the film, falls in love with her gorgeous next door neighbour Adam. Adam, is every girls dream; he’s cute, caring and completely head over heels for Tessa. Despite what Tessa’s father thinks, Adam is there for her in her last days,  making her his main priority. The couple go on an incredible journey together and the audience believe Tessa will die happy because she experienced such a great love.

There were a few things I didn’t like about the film however, the first being Zoey’s pregnancy. I felt it was unnecessary to the film’s storyline and it seemed to be more of a cheesy add on than a pivotal part of the film. The second thing is that although the film was very engaging it didn’t really veer away from the ideas similar films present. It would have been refreshing to see a new spin on the ‘bucket list’ film.

All in all, I would rate this film 7.5 out of 10.

‘Be the Day’…

During the summer I worked as a production assistant for Treacy and Hardy Productions. It was great to work with the team again but this video was very different to ‘Never get a Taxi’ because it was set in multiple locations and the story line was more complex.

It was the official launch for the music video on Thursday 20th September and it was great to see the video get such a good reception. So please check it out for yourself and share!