All hail Lena Dunham…

Lena Dunham is taking the world by storm right now. The filmmaker turned actress, who has been nominated for four Emmys and is the winner of two Golden Globes, has a very open and honest approach to film injecting many of her own quirks and stories into her characters making them particularly relatable.

The multi talented twenty-something not only acts in her films/shows but she also writes and directs them too.  Her über realistic work shows that even the simplest story lines can be captivating and endearing. Dunham also listens to the constructive criticism fans give her, especially regarding the lack of diversity in her series. She had no qualms about speaking about the show’s race problems and even addressed it in her show with humour during a heated encounter on screen lover Donald Glover in which Dunham says ‘This is what you asked for.’ (perhaps a message to the viewers?) which receives the response ‘It’s about time.’ She stated herself that is was a clear statement that the creators were all comfortable and there wasn’t a political agenda against any race or sexuality.

Great things are set to come from Dunham, including a third season of GIRLS and a new comedy series is in the pipeline looking at the life of legendary stylist, Betty Halbreich. She also signed a $3.5 million deal to release her first book of essays called ‘Not that Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells you what she’s Learned’.


Project X-tremely bad…

I would be lying if I said I didn’t know what I was getting myself in for when I went to see this film. Excessive drug use, binge drinking, objectification of women and the destruction of the host’s house. The film was abysmal and the story line was condensed easily into three minute trailer. The three main characters had an uncanny resemblance to the cast of Superbad, however less witty and lovable. Actually, thinking about it..that whole film is basically Superbad on acid. I can see some youngsters enjoying this film, particularly under the influence of alcohol themselves however, I just felt I had seen the film before. The fat sidekick gets laid at a party whilst the underdog becomes a hero for throwing an ‘awesome’ out of control party and Jewish guy is rich and gets off scott free. The girls of course are disposable and treated as sexual objects, which I have to admit is really irritating to see time and time again. Spoiler alert: Project X has the added bonus of cruelty to both animals and midgets!

( I do think that some scenes in the film could implant ideas into teenager’s minds. After seeing it happen in the film they may think it’s acceptable to put the vertically challenged into an oven.

There were a few things I did like about the film though. The soundtrack was pretty awesome to be honest and I liked how they included alternative views of the more exciting scenes using ‘handicams/ mobile phone’ content. It was also refreshing to see a ‘found footage’ film outside the horror genre.

I guess I am being somewhat of a prude about the whole thing, my main concern is teenagers mimicking Project X’s shenanigans and that more out-of-control house parties will be sprouting up all over the place.

On that note I would give this film a 5.5 out of 10.