Working with Archive Film

Here is an exercise we had to complete for my course:

Working with Archive exercise – Diane Di Prima: Women of the Beat Generation from Elizabeth-Valentina on Vimeo.

Using only footage/interviews and music from other sources we had to produce a 2 minute short film on a topic of our choice. As a result, I do not own any of to footage or audio featured in this video.

In my research I found a great zine called BEATDOM . Each issue is themed and full of essays from academics, fans and creative writers with unique perspectives of the writers of the Beat Generation.  Themes include, the contribution of women to the literary movement and the Beat’s drug and alcohol (ab)use.

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The Official Trailer for the Film Adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’

As a huge fan of beat generation literature myself, the recent trend of bringing the writers’ work to the big screen brings me great joy. After last year’s release of ‘Howl’ where James Franco rekindling fellow beat king, Allen Ginsberg’s spirit as his most famous poem was told through animation, I could not have imagined my favourite beat literature’s film adaptation would be complete only a few months later!!

Although my hopes for the film were somewhat destroyed by the knowledge of Kirsten Stewart’s participation but after watching the trailer my faith has been restored. An important thing for me was the voice, the wrong voice for protagonist Sal Paradise would have ruined the whole production for me, luckily though, Sam Riley has captured exactly how I imagined Sal’s void to be and the cinematography looks incredible.

‘On the Road’ is out in cinemas (UK) on September 21st 2012.